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Porcelain Paver Products

Porcelain Pavers, Bradenton, FL

Our porcelain pavers make a great choice for architects, contractors, landscape architects, and other building professionals. We offer 2CM, 3CM, and 5CM porcelain pavers and your choice will depend on your application’s requirements. These pavers are made to outlast any traditional paver. They offer exceptional resistance to mold, mildew, moss, fading, weather, and heavy-duty applications.

Our porcelain pavers help you create high-end slip-resistant outdoor surfaces that last longer. The zero water absorption rates further make these materials ideal for outdoor applications. There are many more reasons why so many of our clients prefer these products. They are almost maintenance-free, completely fire-proof, highly durable, stain, snow, frost, heat, and ice resistant, and cannot be damaged by insects. You can have them simply laid in a sand bed to create an elegant and slip-resistant surface or on pedestals to create raised floors. Our unique line of porcelain is available in stone, wood, and hand-cast concrete-like designs and colors. There is something for all types of surfaces.


Our 2CM porcelain pavers are popular for installing pool decks, walkways, and patios. They are more commonly used for luxury applications involving patios, pool surrounds, gardens, and raised terraces.

Whatever your unique needs, we have a color, style, finish, and size to match your project. Some of our popular design options include wood-look, stone-look, dark tiles, and cream outdoor pavers. These pavers can help add a timeless appeal to your outdoors, adding a stunning look to your feature, walkway, garden, or any feature you use them for. Our pavers have been crafted from durable and elegant porcelain with stain, weather, and fade-resistant properties.

Whether you love shades of stone or rich wood texture tones, we have everything to meet your aesthetic and functional needs. Even when you choose a hardwood texture, there is a multitude of further, organic-looking options. If you prefer a contemporary look and feel, there are many marble-style designs that can elevate your outdoors. Read More About 2cm Porcelain Pavers >>


Our inventory of 3CM porcelain pavers allows us to complete a versatile range of projects for our clients. These products are widely used in laying elegant and durable parking lots, driveways, garages, entrance areas, pads, ramps, and boulevards. We have a style, color, and pattern to help you create a stunning backyard oasis, garage for your prized vehicles, a beautiful driveway, or a public plaza. Our 3Cm pavers can bring refinement to your feature.

We offer our 3CM porcelain pavers in sizes ranging from 12 to 24 inches. Our basalt black 3CM porcelain pavers are recommended for driveways and are cherished for their understated splendor. Our dark silver grey 3CM porcelain pavers are perfect for creating stunning visual effects on your home’s curb appeal. We also offer porcelain pavers with intense gold tones, ones with striking whitewashed grey wood planks for a minimalist touch, quartz beige tones, Italian designs, unique beige tones combined with gold speckles, and more. Read More About 3cm Porcelain Pavers >>


Our 5CM porcelain pavers are perfect for your driveways and surfaces for heavy-duty applications. We offer these pavers in the original thickness of 5cm. These pavers can capable of responding to extremely high stresses, especially for a ceramic surface. This is a new generation of porcelain pavers and is ideally suited for replacing durable stones.

Our 5CM porcelain pavers are available in a wide range of designs, sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes. You can choose from different variations of wood and stone patterns and tones. There is something for everyone and for all types of properties, residential, commercial, or civic. You can create beautiful and practical outdoor spaces following the latest design trends. We understand the new trend of creating exteriors that flow seamlessly with the interiors. Our inventory of porcelain pavers is versatile and large enough to address all such current trends. These 5CM pavers are perfect for withstanding the applications of the most heavy-duty driveways while helping improve your property’s curb appeal. Read More About 5cm Porcelain Pavers >>

We Provide Services to the following cities and counties in FL:
  • Pinellas County: Clearwater, Largo.
  • Manatee County: Anna Maria, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch.
  • Sarasota County: Sarasota, Venice.
  • Hillsborough County: Tampa.